Approach33 came into being to be of assistance to you so you may synergize and integrate, the sometimes unobserved learning and perspectives from your daily life and apply them realistically. 

Our activities and products inspire you to look for your own challenges, to discover your uniqueness and help you build healthier thinking patterns. 

About Approach 33

Approach33 is an initiative, that trusts that YOU are looking forward to making an easy transition in your state of being; for yourself and the good of the universe. It is thus, grateful and delighted to share some purposefully created mind tools to help make that transition possible; each and every shift is a movement that the universe needs to get past this chaos and find the beauty it created itself to witness.

Out of the experience from two decades of learning through people’s trails and quest for getting to a better place - the tools created are the work of the founder Radhika Kawlra Singh. They have been brought to life with her team of extremely gifted and creative people: who have individually excelled in their fields of work. These tools are a simple means that make the travel towards the next place - an easier reality. 


The Team

The people behind Approach 33

Radhika Kawlra

Radhika has capacitated the learning from the professional years at work; creating documentary films, creating top notch television software, running a successful PR firm and in the last two decades guided to passionately pursue a very accomplished career as a Mind Coach and Olympic Sports Hypnotist. This multifaceted learning over 25 years metamorphose the varied skill set that she inherited, and unifies under this unique umbrella titled ‘approach33’.

Ruchika Kawlra

Ruchika has worked as a visual artist for over 25 years of experiential work in the creative field of Advertising, Graphic Design and Fine Art. As a fine artist, Ruchika has exhibited extensively  and her artworks are part of collections all over the world. She is the founder of 3peel, an organisation which has mounted numerous platforms encompassing advocacy, empowerment and engagement by children in art and other creative fields.


One half of the music director duo Sangeet - Siddharth, Co-Founder of the progressive band NEXUS with fellow virtuosos GINO BANKS & SHELDON DSILVA . Came under the limelight in 2003 through the channel V popstars band Aasma. He has performed along with USTAD ZAKIR HUSSAIN, world renowned percussionist TRILOK GURTU , SIVAMANI ,& pandit HARI PRASAD CHAURASIA,


Siddharth started his career with theatre, moved on to professional dancing and choreography. He remained a big part of the group "Band of Boys". He composed directed and sang many songs for multiple successful popular albums

While he makes a music directorial team with his brother Sangeet - he continues to create a larger sound canvas away from the magical notes for the Bollywood industry. 


" Self Realization is such a complicated word that I was surprised how much I more of me I found by walking around the approach33 installation ‘The energy that remains unaware in you’ "

— Pallavi Gupta (Ahemdabad)

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